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We get many enquiries for visits to the Brevik plant. As the project is still under construction, we have limited facilities to receive visitors. However, there are some possibilities, especially for smaller groups. You are welcome to contact the Communications department if you would like to arrange a visit.

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Ada Ruud Saltnes

Communication Manager Norway

Heidelberg Materials Norge AS Lilleakerveien 2A
0283 Oslo

Brevik CCS Episode 4

Heavy lifting in Brevik

Brevik CCS Episode 5

Episode 2 Brevik CCS

It's all about cooperation

Episode 2 Brevik CCS

It's all about cooperation

Episode 3 Brevik CCS

Demolition is over and construction starts

Episode 3 Brevik CCS

Episode 1 Brevik CCS

The Brevik factory

Episode 1 Brevik CCS : Look to Norcem

The start of the Project.

What if... (better text)

What if...

...we could turn one of the biggest CO2-emitting industries into a green and sustainable future?