Partners and collaboration

Aker Carbon Capture

Aker Carbon Capture is Norcems technology provider, and responsible for building the carbon capture plant.

Aker Carbon Capture is a market leading CCUS-technology company which offers a broad range of solutions based on a substantial track record from industrial projects.  The company has been involved in CCS since working with the CO2-injection facility for Equinor’s sleipner field in the North Sea in the 1990s.  

The company developed cost-efficient and environmentally friendly CCUS technologies through ambitious R&D activities over the past 15 years.  The company also gained experience from EPC-projects when Aker Solutions designed and delivered the 80 000 tonnes-capacity Technology Center Mongstad-plant in 2012.  The company has applied its patented CCS-technology at industrial sites including coal- and gas-fired power stations, waste-to-energy plants and cement plants in amongst others the UK, US and Norway.

Northern Lights 

Northern Lights is the carbon transport and storage project within the Norwegian CCS-demonstration project. 

Northern Lights responsibility is to transport and storage the captured CO2.  The project was initiated Equinor with partners Shell and Total.  The aim is to develop the world’s first storage facility capable of receiving CO2 from various industrial sources. 

The conditions captured CO2(liquid under pressure) will be transported by ship from the capture sites to a new CO2 reciving terminal at Naturgassparken in Øygården, outside Bergen in Norway.  The CO2 will then be injected into a suitable offshore geological storage complex via subsea injections wells and a an offshore pipeline from the CO2 receiving terminal.   


Gassnova was established by Norwegian authorities to promote technology development and competence building around CCS, in addition to being the Norwegian government’s closest adviser in this field. 

Gassnova manages research and funding schemes through the CLIMIT programme and provides testing and demonstration of CCS technology at the Technology Centre at Mongstad (TCM).

Both CLIMIT and TCM are key to realising Longship, the first industrial CCS project in Europe.