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Brevik CCS – World's first CO₂-capture facility in the cement industry

Brevik CCS is Heidelberg Materials' most advanced CCS project.  Brevik CCS is part of the Norwegian government's Longship programme, which aims to demonstrate the capture, transport and safe storage of CO₂ from industrial sources.

Why CCS?

Addressing climate change is crucial, and a key aspect is the reduction of CO2 emissions. Notably, the cement industry is a major emitter. While significant emission reductions have been achieved through alternative fuels and materials, further steps are necessary, including CO2 capture and storage, to meet climate targets.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is a process designed to capture CO2 and store it securely, preventing its release into the atmosphere. This encompasses various technologies, with some established for years and others still under development, all contributing to the goal of reducing emissions.

The CCS Brevik project is part of this effort, focusing on implementing proven and emerging technologies to help the cement industry reach its climate goals, and aiming for a more sustainable industrial future.

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Industry as a neighbour

Brevik CCS Episode 6 - Industry as a neighbour

A man in a high-visibility jacket and hard hat stands in front of industrial machinery, with the name ‘Terje Aasland, Minister of Petroleum and Energy Norway’ displayed on a label.

Brevik CCS Episode 5

Step by step towards the goal

In December 2020, the Norwegian Parliament approved the Longship project. A key part of the programme was the Heidelberg Materials Brevik cement plant. The demonstration plant in Brevik is partly funded by the state and Heidelberg Materials. Initial work started in January 2021.

The first major process equipment arrived in May 2022. The installation of the CCS plant is a meticulous operation, as the CCS plant has to be integrated into the regular cement plant without disrupting the ongoing cement production. 

The carbon capture plant became integrated into the existing cement plant in 2023. Testing and commissioning started in summer 2023. We target mechanical completion by end 2024.

How it all started

In 2005, Heidelberg Materials Sement Norge (then called Norcem) began cautiously discussing the idea of carbon capture at a cement plant. At the time, the idea was considered unrealistic.  But after several years of research, development and cooperation the project was ready to be launched in 2020.

In the video on the right you can see how we introduced the idea to the world.

Project background

The Brevik factory

Episode 1 Brevik CCS : Look to Norcem

The start of the Project.

In this video, you will hear more about the Brevik CCS-project, and how it all started back in 2005.

What If...

What if... (better text)

What if...

...we could turn one of the biggest CO2-emitting industries into a green and sustainable future?