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Brevik CCS – World's first CO2-capture facility at a cement plant

Brevik CCS is Heidelberg Materials most advanced project within CCS, and the facility will be in operation by 2024.  Brevik CCS is part of the Norwegian Government's "Longship"-program, aimed to demonstrate the capture of CO₂ from industrial sources, as well as transport and safe storage of CO₂.

We have to reduce CO2-emissions in order to prevent global climate change. Nevertheless the world will depend on oil, gas and cement for decades to come. This is why we need technology to capture and store CO2.

CCS, Carbon Capture and Storage, is a technology that can reduce substantial volumes of CO2 emissions. It is a relevant technology for reducing CO2-emissions from power plants based on coal and oil, and from industries such as cement, steel and petrochemicals. It comprises elements for capturing, transporting and storing. ​

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Brevik CCS Episode 4 in our series

Brevik CCS Episode 4

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The Norwegian parliament approved the Longship-project in December 2020.  A pivotal part of the program was Heidelberg Materials Brevik cement plant. Our demo-plant in Brevik was partially funded by the state, and partially funded by our owners Heidelberg Materials. The initial works started already in January 2021. 

The project is currently in an phase moving from demolishing and preparation to a phase of installments. In May of 2022, the first large process equipment arrived and was installed on site.

This installation of the CCS-facility is a meticulous operation, as the goal of the project is to integrate the carbon capture plan into the current cement plant without interfering with the cement production.  

By the beginning of 2023, the carbon capture facility will be integrated into the current cement plant. Testing and commissioning will then follow from summer 2023, and the plan is to be fully operational within 2024.

How did it all start?

In 2005, Heidelberg Materials sement Norge (then Norcem) carefully started to talk about the idea of carbon capture at a cement plant. At that time, the idea was firstly considered to be unrealistic.  But after several years of research, development and collaborations.  The project was ready to be launched in 2020. 

In the video to the right, you can se our first movie, where we presented the idea to the world.

Background to the Brevik CCS Project

The Brevik factory

Episode 1 Brevik CCS : Look to Norcem

The start of the Project.

In this video, you will hear more about the Brevik CCS-project, and how it all started back in 2005.

What if... (better text)

What if...

...we could turn one of the biggest CO2-emitting industries into a green and sustainable future?