Brevik CCS plant

About the project

Brevik CCS is a project company established to build a pioneering carbon capture facility at Heidelberg Materials' cement plant in Brevik, Norway.

Brevik CCS is wholly owned by Heidelberg Materials Sement Norway, the only cement producer in Norway.  Heidelberg Materials Sement Norway is an experienced international supplier of cement and has been in operation since 1916.

Heidelberg Materials Sement Norway is part of the global Heidelberg Materials Group, which employs more than 50,000 people in over 50 countries. Heidelberg Materials is one of the world's largest integrated producers of building materials with leading market positions in aggregates, cement and concrete.

Heidelberg Materials Sement Norway is ISO 14001 certified and our two plants in Brevik and Kjøpsvik are among the most modern in Europe in terms of energy consumption and emission control.

Activities related to the local environment are developed in dialogue with the authorities and our employees, and in close contact with the public and the media. Environmental issues and plans are communicated openly.


What If...

What if... (better text)

What if...

...we could turn one of the biggest CO2-emitting industries into a green and sustainable future?

Brevik CCS History

The Brevik CCS CO2 capture project began as a "what if" idea during a lunch break at Heidelberg Materials in mid-2000.  From there, the project slowly matured into a desktop study.

In 2011, Heidelberg Materials received support from ECRA (European Cement Research Academy) for further studies. The project matured and Heidelberg Materials Sement Norway, together with Heidelberg Materials Group, saw that the idea had growth potential.

From 2013 to 2017, Heidelberg Materials received funding from CLIMIT to test four different technologies on real flue gas at the cement plant in Brevik.

In 2016, the Norwegian CCS Demonstration Project (NDC) was launched and Heidelberg Materials received support from Gassnova/Ministry of Petroleum and Energy to carry out concept and FEED studies.

In December 2020, the Norwegian government gave final approval and support for the construction of the world's first full-scale carbon capture plant at a cement plant.

How it started

The Brevik factory

Episode 1 Brevik CCS : Look to Norcem

The start of the Project.