Milestone alert in Brevik

Heidelberg Materials pioneer-project in Brevik continuous to evolve. 14th of August was a milestone when the absorber was installed in a highly complex lift.

-Yesterday we installed the first part of the absorber in the carbon capture plant. The absorber is in many ways the heart of the carbon capture process, because its where the flue gases are separated said Tor Gautestad, Operational Manager for Brevik CCS.

The absorber unit will be installed into operation at site within a 10–14-day period. The first unit installed 14th of August weighed approx. 220 tons, and it was close to 50 meters tall.
For this reason, several cranes had to work together, and close collaboration was needed to successfully install the unit.

Successful first lift

Gautestad  was pleased with the lift and operation:

-The ongoing operation is symbolical and important. Now everyone can see with their own eyes what we’ve been working so hard on. This lift has been planned for many months and years, and it was a very complex task where many partners where involved.

The leeway was only down to 1 mm in the end, which isn’t much when you’re moving something of this size. Excellent engineering and collaboration, and as always – safety was key, said Gautestad.

Second lift next week

Heavy lifting will continue next week when the absorber-stack will be mounted on top of the absorber. The absorber will then be over 100 meters tall, a height in comparison higher than the Big Ben in London. To achieve this, the crane, which is close to 75 meters today, will be further elevated to a height of 115 meters.

-I’m looking forward to next week’s lift as well, hopefully it will be another spectacular lift and really showcase to the world that we’ve moved another step towards finalization of the world’s first full size carbon capture unit at a cement plant.

Absorber in Brevik beeing lifted into place

Brevik CCS Absorber lift

Tor Gautestad

Project Manager Brevik CCS

Heidelberg Materials Norge AS Setrevegen 2
3950 Brevik

Brevik CCS Absorber lift.

Brevik CCS Absorber lift.

Brevik CCS Absorber lift.