Successful installation of the absorber in Brevik

Successful installation of the absorber in Brevik.

The absorber is many ways the “heart” of a carbon capture plant.  Last week the Absorber measuring 100 meter was lifted into place in two complex crane-lifts.  The unit weighs aprox 280 tons combined.  

Important milestone in the project

-The ongoing lifting-operation we’re conducting these days are both symbolical and important.  Now everyone can see with their own eyes what we’ve been working so hard on. The lifting operations has been planned for many months and years, and it is very complex task where many partners are involved, which makes communication and collaboration keys for success. 

-The leeway was only down to one milimeter in the end, which isn’t much when you’re moving something of this size. Excellent engineering, teamwork and collaboration, and as always – safety and planning were key to the success, said Gautestad.   

Prominent visit from the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

Shortly after the final lift of the absorber, the plant welcomed Terje Aasland, Norways Minister of Petroleum and Energy, who wanted to get a status update and see the absorber with his own eyes.  

Minister Aasland follows the project closely, as it is a part of the governments prestigous "Longship"-program.

Minister Aasland visits Brevik

Aasland reviews Absorber lift

Terje Aasland visits Brevik

Ada Ruud Saltnes

Communication Manager Norway

Heidelberg Materials Norge AS Lilleakerveien 2A
0283 Oslo

Tor Gautestad

Project Manager Brevik CCS

Heidelberg Materials Norge AS Setrevegen 2
3950 Brevik

Absorber lift.

absorber lift.

Absorber lift.

Absorber lift.

Absorber lift.

Absorber lift.