Brevik CCS is a part of the Norwegian Longship program.


Amine - Post combustion capture


Capture, liquefaction, pipe transfer,  storage on quay

Strategic Partners:

Aker Carbon Capture‘s (capture technology), Northern Lights (Equinor, Shell and Total) (transport & storage)

Annual CO2 captured:

approx. 400,000 t per year (approx. 50 % of plant emission)

External funding:


CCS in Heidelberg Materials

Several projects ongoing

Heidelberg Materials have several projects ongoing related to CC(U)S. The project in closest proximity to Brevik CCS, is Slite CCS in Gotland, Sweden.

Slite CCS:

Heidelberg Materials, which includes among others Swedish manufacturer Cementa, announced in 2021, its intention to develop the world’s first carbon-neutral cement plant in Slite on Gotland.

When the installation is commissioned in 2030 and begins capturing up to 1.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, of which an increasing proportion is biobased emissions, the plant that currently accounts for 3% of Sweden’s total emissions can even become a carbon sink.

Read more about the project in Slite here (text in Swedish)

In General:

Heidelberg Materials are working on all levels to minimise carbon emissions as far as possible. However, a considerable proportion of carbon emissions generated in the process of cement
manufacturing is unavoidable and cannot be tackled using established techniques
(i.e. use of alternative fuels, clinker substitution).  Heidelberg Materials are therefore developing new technologies that prevent CO2 from reaching the atmosphere on a large scale.

By investing in different carbon capture technologies, Heidelberg Materials aim to trap CO2 in its
purest form to either utilise or safely store it until it can be used in large quantities.

Read more about Heidelberg Materials efforts here

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Senior Manager Project and Process / Brevik CCS

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Tor Halvorsrud

Communication Manager Norway

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