Brevik CCS is a part of the Norwegian Longship program.

Several ongoing projects in Heidelberg Materials

Heidelberg Materials has several ongoing projects related to CC(U)S. The project closest to Brevik CCS is Slite CCS in Gotland, Sweden.

Heidelberg Materials Cement Sweden announced its intention to develop a carbon capture plant in Slite on Gotland in 2021.

When the plant is commissioned in 2030 and starts capturing up to 1.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, with an increasing share of bio-based emissions, the plant, which currently accounts for 4% of Sweden's total emissions, could even become a carbon sink.

Read more about the Slite CCS project (text in Swedish)

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Technology: Amine - Post combustion capture

Scope of project: Capture, liquefaction, pipe transfer, storage on quay

Strategic Partners: Aker Carbon Captureā€˜s (capture technology), Northern Lights (Equinor, Shell and Total) (transport & storage)

Annual volume of CO2 captured: Approximately 400,000 t per year (equal to 50% of plant's emission)

External funding: >80%


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